Portuguese Basket Bag / Pattern


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Portuguese basket bag / Pattern

Natural style with Portuguese pattern
– Handmade by artisans in the north of Portugal
– Woven from strong ceira reed
– Woven wicker handles
– 100% vegan

Since we moved to Portugal 4 years I go I have searched the country from the top to bottom in search of these traditional basket bags. My search was left fruitless until I took a solo trip to Porto two years ago. It was during this trip I jumped on a train to a market town 2 hours north and met the artisans who still make our bags today.

Each bag is handwoven by artisans using a traditional method that has been passed down through generations. The baskets are handmade using natural ceira reed native to Portugal. The fibre is strong and tactile. A timeless accessory for you or your home.

Our Portuguese basket bags have been handmade using natural fibres. Some splitting or fraying is normal. Please treat me with care. Each bag is handwoven especially completely unique, this means my size, shape and colouring may vary slightly making them


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