1 Hour Travel Planning Call



1 Hour Travel Planning Call
Planning a trip to Portugal? Start here. If you want to plan the perfect trip but you are overwhelmed with options I can help. Make the most of your trip by scheduling a 1 hour travel planning call with me. You can tap into my expert knowledge and together we’ll create a memorable trip you and your family.

This is a call only option. To add an itinerary click here.

What’s included?
With the 60 minute call I can help you:

– Decide on which locations to visit
– Create a basic itinerary that ticks all your boxes
– Suggest restaurants, activities and experiences based on your travel style and preferences
– Figure out transport logistics

After the call you will receive a planning doc that includes restaurant and activity suggestions, tour guide picks and at least 3 accommodation options for each location.

You can use the call to ask any burning questions. If is something specific I can’t answer directly on the call I will make it my mission to do the research and find out for you.

By purchasing a travel planning call and/or itinerary you agree to the Liability Policy outlined here.

I specialise in trips to Portugal, but I can also help you with travel in Italy and Spain too.


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