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Part of the joy of living in Portugal is discovering the diversity between each region. If you’ve read any of my travel guides before you’ll know Alentejo is my favourite region in Portugal. Porto Covo is a small fishing village on the Alentejo coast. Located 1.5 hours south of Lisbon is makes a perfect stop off on the way to Algarve.

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How to get to Porto Covo

Porto Covo can be reached by bus from Lisbon but is best (and usually) reached by car. While a car is not necessary in Lisbon if you want to explore some of Portugal’s best beaches I highly recommend hiring a car and driving some of the coast between Lisbon and Algarve.

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Porto Covo, The Town

Praça Marques de Pombal  (town centre) is a picturesque square of neatly painted houses, cafes and restaurants with blue facades and red windows. You will find the majority of restaurants, bars and shops here and on Rua Vasco da Gama. The main square is an ideal spot so spend a few hours chatting with friends, drinking cold beers and soaking up the sun in one of the pretty corner cafes.

Porto-Covo-travel-guide.jpg Best-restaurants-porto-covo.jpg Porto-covo-shopping.jpg Porto-covo-square.jpg Portuguese-dog.jpg

Porto Covo, The Beaches

One of the most inviting aspects of Porto Covo (translated as Port of the fishing nets) is its string of coves and beaches that can be found in both directions. Even if you only have a short time in the area go for a stroll along at least some of the stunning coastal path.

There are many secluded spots to be found along the coast here but if you do go searching for the nooks and crannies make sure you know if the tide is on its way in or out so you don’t get caught out.

Head north 3.5km to discover beaches such as Praia do Serra Aguia, Praia da Samoqueira (my personal favourite)and Praia do Burrinho. If walking is not your thing and you are coming by car or camper there are dedicated parking spots above most of the larger beaches.

Campervan-porto-covo.jpg Quiet-beaches-alentejo.jpg Secret-beaches-porto-covo.jpg Bench-sea-view.jpg

Heading South will take you on the Original Fisherman’s Trail. This is a section of a 230km coastal hike from São Torpes in Alentejo all the way to Lagos in Algarve. I completed the original 76km trail in June 2024 and wrote a travel guide for it to help other’s do the same. If you’re a lover of nature and outdoor experiences, plana. hike on this trail. It reveals some of Portugal’s best kept secrets along the way.

The Original Fisherman’s Trail

The original Fisherman's Trail Hike Portugal

Porto Covo Eats & Drinks

Despite it’s tiny centre Porto Covo has a few fantastic dining options. Especially if you love seafood. Here are a few suggestions of places to eat and drink in Porto Covo.

Zé Inácio

R. Vasco da Gama 3B, 7520-437
Popular traditional restaurant with warm and comforting decor and typical dishes. Choose you pick of fresh fish. the clams are great too!


Rua Candido da Silva 55A, 7520-437
Elevated Alentejana dishes by local chef Ana Moura.

O Pescador

R. Vasco da Gama 15, 7520-437
Another fresh seafood lunch option. Choose your fresh fish from the counter or order a local favourite Polvo (Octopus). Wash it down with a cheap yet tasty jug of white wine and pat yourself on the back for choosing so wisely.

Fresh grilled ‘Dourada’ | Restaurant O Pescador

Marques Cafeteira / Café Creme

Jardim do Largo Marquês de Pombal
Bustling afternoon coffeeshop/bar with outdoor seating that get the sun.

You may or may not know but if not, the Portuguese are extremely good at its sweet treats. I mean the greatest tart in the world has to be a pastel de nata right? Whether its clever pastry technique, local ingredients (almonds, oranges, figs – yum!) or a whole load of sugar there is nothing that livens up my coffee moments in Portugal than one of the countrie’s sweet treats. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the Pastel Marquês – a perfect combination of almond, orange, egg, sugar and pumpkin. This pastel is a speciality of Porto Covo and a must while you are in town.

Cafe meia de leite e Pastel Marquês | Gelataria Marquês Best-coffee-porto-covo.jpg Bakery-porto-covo.jpg

Where to Stay in Porto Covo

Porto Covo has a wide selection of accommodation choices considering its size. Whether you want to camp, share a hostel, enjoy a spa or book out an apartment you’ll find most options here. Booking.com has the most varied options but you can also check Airbnb.

Camping >> Parque Campismo Porto Covo

Hostel >> MuteAhoy Porto Covo

Hotel / Apartment >> Porto Covo Hotel & SpaZé Inácio


Money in Europe

The majority of hotels, shops and restaurants in the bigger cities accept card but some smaller places only accept cash or non-foreign cards. Always carry some cash with you. ATM’s are easy to find all over the town. Unless you already have a Euro currency bank account I highly recommend getting a Wise Card. This will allow you to hold and exchange multiple currencies at the best possible rate. There is no charge for withdrawing or using your card to pay. I’ve been living in Portugal since 2016 and I use Wise as my primary bank card here despite also having a Portuguese bank account. I’ve also used Wise to pay and withdraw money in Spain and Italy.

 Top tip: Avoid Multi Currency machines such as ‘Euronet’ (usually set up outside souvenir shops etc) as they charge you 3 or 4 euro to withdraw. Look for ‘Multibanco’ machines to withdraw money. More info here…


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