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Hi, my name is Candy and I’m here to help you plan the perfect trip around Portugal. I’ve been planning my own travel since a very young age. During my teen years I scoured the internet for travel deals and escaped on European breaks at every opportunity. I spent my twenties navigating my way around the world, traveling and surfing for 4-6 months every winter. I have years of experience traveling solo around far flung destinations such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, El Salvador and Malaysia, navigating different languages, cultures and remote locations.

However, since I relocated myself and my business to Portugal in 2016, my focus has been on discovering the very best of what’s on my doorstep. From day 1 I have traveled extensively across Portugal, discovering hidden villages, remote beaches and truly authentic experiences, that most tourists will never find. I spend hours researching and planning my trips but there really is only so much the internet can tell you. The best way to find the most authentic parts of country is to get out and explore it; dive deep, take the roads less travelled, speak with the locals, get lost.

While most travel planners focus on the main sights and attractions, trying to jam in as much to your itinerary as possible I’m more about finding the experiences that really align with you. Make the most of your trip by scheduling a 1 hour travel planning call with me. You can tap into my expert knowledge and together we’ll create a trip you will never forget. Add on the itinerary, and I’ll create a full itinerary for you complete with booking links.

I specialise in trips to Portugal, but I can also help you with travel in Italy and Spain too.

1 hour Travel Planning Call | €99

1 hour Travel Planning Call
including full itinerary (up to 10 days) | €149
1 hour Travel Planning Call
including full itinerary (up to 21 days) | €199

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