Most Memorable Road Trips to Take in Portugal

Since moving here in 2016 I have had many opportunities to travel around Portugal. Plane, train, bus, boat, bicycle. I’ve tried most transport options but my favourite way to experience this wonderful country I choose to call home is by car. I’ve taken many road trips around Portugal and they account for some of my best memories of the past 6 years. There’s nothing quite like exploring with your own four wheels. It’s about time I shared my most memorable road trips around Portugal.

Why road trip in Portugal?

My answer is why not? Portugal is blessed with a diverse range of scenery that changes every few hours on the road. From remote golden beaches to undiscovered pottery villages there is SO MUCH TO SEE and the majority can only be seen with a car. 

With exception to the biggest cities driving is the best way to travel around Portugal. The biggest benefit to driving around Portugal is the freedom it gives you to move at your own pace. Not having to deal with set transport times or visiting at the same time of day as everyone else. You can literally move how and when you wish.

If you rely solely on public transport in Portugal I promise you will miss out on almost all of the best bits of the country.  The trip that made me realise this more than any other was my 10-day road trip around Alentejo. Alentejo is a perfect example of a region best visited by car. 

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Where do you need a car in Portugal?

Let’s start with where you DON’T need a car in Portugal which is both Lisbon and Porto. Both cities have a good transport system and hiring, driving and parking can be a real pain and unnecessary. 

You also don’t need a car in Algarve but ONLY if you are staying in one town such as Lagos or Tavira for the entire trip.

Public transport isn’t great in Portugal. The train connecting Faro/ Lagos/ Lisbon/ Coimbra/ Porto is good so if you are dead set on a city break then you don’t need a car but otherwise getting a hire car is the way forward.

How to travel between Lagos and Lisbon

 If you want to explore Algarve deeply, visit iconic towns like Nazaré, discover the real Portugal in Alentejo, see the vines and views in Douro Valley or scale Serra Estrella, then I strongly recommend hiring a car.

Best Car Hire in Portugal

I’ve been living in Portugal since 2016 and I have had many terrible car rental stories.  However a few years ago I reluctantly tried a broker service and I’ve never looked back since. When I found Zest the first thing that struck me was how user friendly the website is. It is easy to use and information is presented in a way you can actually read and understand. Next good thing is the fact that prices are shown upfront, there is no hidden surprised when you get to checkout. Not forgetting their amazing insurance policy. I’ve used them 6 or 7 or probably more times now (I’ve lost count) and had an excellent experience every time.  I’ve used Zest to travel all over Portugal and will continue to use them for both short and long trips. Zest have been with me on most of my memorable road trips in Portugal. I highly recommend. 

If you want to know more about the ins and outs of hiring a car jump over to this post…


Which roads to drive in Portugal

All of the best driving experiences I’ve had in Portugal have been when I switched off ‘motorways’ on GoogleMaps and took the road less traveled. I definitely suggest trying this for at least some of your trip. The backroads in Portugal are a delight (and some times a little bit bumpy). Take the small roads and you’ll find hidden coves, views and vineyards a plenty.

Toll roads in Portugal

Of course sometimes there will be times you can’t avoid the motorways but fear not. Apart from the outskirts of Lisbon or Porto motorway traffic is usually light and easy. Some occasions you may need to use one of Portugals toll roads especially if you are covering long distances. If this is the case I recommend adding the toll responder to your car hire agreement. It’s usually just a few euros a day and saves you having to work out how to pay it after. On the rare occasion you’re on a toll road that doesn’t fall under the transponder you can pay by card or cash. Unfortunately the toll booths are one of the only places that don’t accept travel cards such as Wise, Revolut etc. They will accept a credit card but expect a cheesy extra charge on top for exchange rate if your bank account is in another currency than Euros. I recommend always carrying some cash in the car to avoid this.


What are the most unforgettable road trips in Portugal?

Now to the good bit. I’ve been exploring Portugal deeply since 2016 and although I still have a lot to see I’ve been lucky enough to experience some truly amazing driving. Here are some of my most memorable drives in Portugal.


So many visitors choose train or boat to visit Douro Valley but to really witness the beauty of this wine region you need a car. Winding roads reveal breathtaking scenery at every corner. Drive slow and take it all in. If you’re here for multiple wine tastings (and I certainly hope you are) then leave your hire car at your hotel and grab a taxi. You’ll still get to experience those beautiful winding roads but safely! A few villages I absolutely recommend adding to your Douro road trip itinerary are Valença do Douro and Provesende.



Yes, yes I know Algarve is no secret. A full blown holiday resort in some parts but I’ve said it more than once and I’ll continue to say it a thousand times; Algarve is home to some of the most authentic places in Portugal. And I would know because I lived there for 4 years. While it’s true that the south coast beaches can get pretty jammed in summer the west coast is a different ball game altogether. Head west and seek out the wild, windswept beaches of Cordoba and Bordeira or head off on your own discovery mission to find some hidden spots you won’t forget in a hurry. Pleas note…some of the more remote beaches in Algarve require a 4×4. You can choose this option when searching on Zest.

Lagos | A Complete Guide

Authentic Wine Tasting Algarve


Ah, my beloved Alentejo. My favourite region in Portugal is also home to the very best driving. Alentejo is a huge region so I’ve split it into two. If you’re up for a mega road trip do both!



The warmth of the Algarve and the authenticity of Portugal’s most undiscovered region this lower portion of Alentejo is home to agriculture, pottery and some unique wine tasting experiences. This is a place to take your time driving around. Try not to rush through this region because although there are many beautiful vistas to set eyes on this place is more about how it makes you feel. The only way to know is to go. Make sure you tick off the following… Mértola, Moura, Monsaraz and Vidigueira.



Still slow and warm but dramatic too. Expect towering medieval castles, vast vineyards and breathtaking scenery. My must-visits include Castelo de Vide, Marvão and Arraiolos. I particularly loves driving through Serra da Sao Mamede Natural Park.


I must admit I’m still relatively under-traveled when it comes to this section of Portugal but what I’ve seen so far continues to keep me coming back to discover more. The definition of which towns are included on the Silver Coast seem to vary depending on where you get your information but in my eyes it’s stretches from just below Peniche all the way up to Aveiro; if you want to be cheeky include Ericeira too. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is that if you’re driving between Lisbon and Porto you should spend at least some of the journey on the Silver Coast. Stop offs should include Nazaré and Baleal. Óbidos and Caldas da Rainha are both close by too. 

More amazing road trips in Portugal…

As I mentioned earlier I still have much of Portugal to drive including north of Porto and east and North of Serra da Estrella so you can bet those areas are next on my list. I’ll be sure to share as I go.

I’m sure I’ve missed some so tell me, what are the most unforgettable road trips you’ve taken in Portugal?

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