Meet Candy | The Girl behind Soi 55

Candy’s Story

Candy spent most of her twenties working as a lifeguard & surf instructor in the summer, and traveling & surfing far flung destinations in the winter. In 2015, whilst on a ‘happiness mission’ in Thailand and Indonesia Candy founded the Soi 55 brand so she could work from anywhere. In 2016 she moved to Portugal where she is now based permanently.

In 2021 Candy’s world got turned upside down when she was diagnosed with angle-closure glaucoma and ovarian cancer in the space of a year. Despite chronic illness and ongoing treatment she continues to make the most of life, traveling at every given opportunity. Since diagnosis she has continued to build on her travel experience and finally decided to put her expert travel knowledge to use by offering personal travel planning.

When she’s not seeking out hidden gems and booking flights, she’s on the beach, swimming in the Atlantic or drinking spritz in the sun.

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