FAQ | Personal Travel Planning

How does it work?

1. Choose between call or call and itinerary.
2. Purchase through the shop here.
3. You will receive an email with some pre-call questions and a calendar booking link.
4. Choose a suitable date and time for the call.
5. During the call I’ll find out what you want to get out of the trip and we’ll start creating the rough itinerary.
6. I’ll build a full itinerary for you based on everything we discussed in the call.

My job is to find out what your idea of a dream trip looks like and then make that a reality.

What is included in the itinerary?

Each itinerary is built from scratch and personalised for you. It includes suggestions for accommodation, restaurants, tour guides, activities and experiences in addition to any special or specific requests you may have. I will offer multiple ideas for activities each day depending on what you are looking for. I also reach out to tour guides and other providers to check for availability and suitability. The itinerary also includes booking links for everything. The only thing you have to do is book.

I’m planning a trip with my partner/ family/ friends? Can they join the call?

Yes of course! I use GoogleMeet for the video calls. After you have purchased the call you will receive a calendar booking link to choose a date and time for the call. Once this is set you’ll receive a GoogleMeet link that you can share with anyone who is joining you on the trip.

Travel Planning Call OR Call AND Itinerary… Which is right for me?

Almost everyone chooses the call and itinerary option. This is because it gives you access to your own personal travel consultant (me) for an extended period of time. It offers the best value for money, and above all, it offers a highly personalised trip for you and your family. 

Travel planning is time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time to the country. The call paired with an itinerary allows you to have an active part in the planning without it taking up all of your time. It means you can rest easy knowing the trip (including accommodation, restaurants, activities and experiences) has been curated with you in mind. 

However, if the time isn’t an issue for you and you love the planning process (like me!) then a call without itinerary may be your best option. This means you can enjoy the magic of the research and planning stages but with the added benefit of having someone local on the ground to sound it out for you and check you are on the right path.

Can I start with the 1 hour call and decide after if I want the personalised itinerary too?

Yes, of course. You have 2 weeks after the initial call to decide. You’ll be able to pay for the itinerary add-on with a payment link. If you are thinking you may want to add itinerary after the call please let me know in advance so I can ensure I gather enough information during the call.

Can you organise luxury itineraries?

Absolutely. Whether your travel style is luxury or you are celebrating a special occasion I have the contacts and experience to make you trip truly memorable. I also can arrange special extras such as private chefs, photo shoots and personalised private tours to make your trip completely one of a kind.

I’ve been to Portugal before and want to see something different / I’m not interested in the main tourist spots. Can you help?

Yes! Regional road trips, island adventures, empty beaches and remote villages are my speciality. Whether you have particular locations in mind or you have no idea where to start I can help curate an itinerary that offers you a truly unique experience while travelling in Portugal. 

I want to see the main sights in Portugal. Is this still for me?

Yes, absolutely! The majority of calls I take are for planning trips to Lisbon, Porto and Algarve (the most popular destinations in Portugal). These destinations are popular for good reason and should not be missed if you want to see the best of Portugal. Due to their popularity the amount of information available online can be overwhelming. The call is designed to help you cut through all this information. I can offer a local’s perspective and up-to-date information on each location so that you can feel more relaxed about your trip. It also gives me a chance to get to know you and your party on a deeper level so I can curate an itinerary, activities and experiences that will work best for you and your wants and needs.

I’m planning a trip to Portugal AND Spain. Can you help?

Definitely. I’ve travelled over most of Spain – living next door has its advantages! I specialise in trips to the region Andalusia but I am able to help with travel planning for all of Spain. I can work with you to build an itinerary that incorporates both countries, giving you the best of each.

I’m travelling somewhere else in the world – can you help?

I specialise in Portugal, Spain and Italy. However, I have more than 15 years of travel planning experience including Europe, Asia and Central America. I recommend emailing me your requirements and if I am able to help we can book a 1 hour consultancy call to get you off the ground.

Planning a trip to Portugal, Spain or Italy? I’m here to help.

If you want to plan the perfect trip but there are just too many options, I can help you make the most of your time.  If you want a personalised travel itinerary, full to the brim with authentic experiences, I’ve got you…