Best Money Card for Travel



Are you fed up of getting charged a small fortune in exchange fees and bank charges when you are traveling? Are you totally confused when it comes to exchange rates, taking money out and using your card abroad? When you travel do you use your card willy nilly (yes, I just said willy nilly) and just accept that you’ll pay your bank a fee every time you do anything?

If you’re anything like I was then you will have answered yes to all of the above. The good news is that it is 2019. Times are changing and we DO NOT need to pay our bank every time we take a trip outside of our own country. Can I get a YEHAAAA?!

Keep on reading to find out how Revolut has changed my travel/money life for the better or skip the chat and get signed up for free right away.

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When I moved to Portugal 3 years ago I literally had no idea about using my money abroad. I’d already spent 7 years traveling for 4 months every winter but had always resigned myself to the fact that my UK bank would charge me to use my card and withdraw money abroad regardless. When I finally accepted that I would soon be living in a country with a different currency to my current bank account I forced myself to do some proper research. Back then every time I was using my bank card in a country other than the UK I was being charged around £3 to take cash out from an ATM. Not just that but I was being charged some crazy percentage somewhere between 1-5% transaction fee (plus exchange fees) on every single card payment. That is not even funny.

When I started researching I was looking at best UK bank accounts to use my card abroad but I soon realised I was looking for the wrong thing. I soon came across the prepaid app and card REVOLUT and was intrigued to find out more. To be honest I only signed up because it was totally free so worth a shot. It was only once I received it and actually started using it I realised how much of a game-changer it was and still is today.

Heard enough? Sign up to REVOLUT and start saving money now!

Want to find out more? I’ll answer some common questions below.


Revolut is an ‘electronic money institution’. I know what you’re probably thinking…what *on earth* is that?! Basically, Revolut it is a prepaid card and app-based account where you can hold and transfer multiple currencies with no fees whatsoever. Yep, using your card to pay and transfer between currencies is totally free. Your Revolut card will be a contactless VISA or MASTERCARD.


The Revolut app and account is absolutely free to use.  There are no hidden set up costs, fees or monthly payments. The Revolut card usually costs £4.99 postage but you can get it for FREE when you sign-up here.


  • Absolutely zero exchange fees . No poor currency rates. You pay the exact exchange rate that the banks use.

  • You can use your Revolut card for card payments in over 140 countries for FREE.  This means you’ll avoid the usual bank fees of 2.75 – 3% on every transaction.

  • Switch money between 29 currencies easily and instantly for FREE. Use your app to switch money between currencies and hold multiple currencies at a time.

  • £200 FREE monthly withdrawals in 140+ countries and only a 2% fee thereafter. The free limit rises to £400 with the Premium account and £600 with the metal account.

  • You can top up your account by linking to your regular bank account. The minimum top-up amount is £10 and you can top up as little or often as you like.  Topped up too much and don’t need to use it? You can send it back to your usual bank account via a transfer; for free of course!

  • Excellent fraud protection. Each time you use your card Revolut sends a notification to your app so you’ll be able to spot any dodgy activity quickly. Lost your card while traveling? You can block it on the app to stop anyone using it.

  • Transfer money between friends for FREE. Traveling with friends and need to split the bill? You can select the split bill feature and share the cost. Or simply pay a friend back by sending money through the app instantly.

  • Send international payments for FREE. Need to pay for that boat hire in Greece next month? Send them the exact amount in Euros via the app with zero fees.

  • Free budgeting tools. Track and cap your spending directly from the app.

  • Customer trust. The Revolut app is used by 4.5m customers across Europe and Australia. 


Ready to get started? Sign up here and get your Revolut card for free, saving you £4.99 on postage fees.

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  3. Download the app.

  4. Order your FREE Revolut card.


Quite simply because it has made my life abroad much (much, much, much) easier. Not only that but it has saved me hundreds if not thousands of £’s in fees in the last 3 years.

Since moving to Portugal I have used my Revolut card every single day without fail.

I don’t just use it in Portugal but the UK and whilst traveling too. You can use your Revolut app and card in over 140 countries such as USA, Australia Thailand and Indonesia. Whether you are on a weekend getaway to Paris or a 3 month trek through Asia you can save money using your Revolut card.

I also use my Revolut account for business and make the most of fee-free international payments to countries such as Thailand and USA.



Revolut is doing everything right for the user and offers free services and no fees. However many banks and ATM’s will try to find sneaky ways to charge you extra. Always follow these steps when using your card abroad.

  • If a bank asks you if you want to convert with or without a conversion always choose ‘without a conversion’ which will default to your Revolut conversion rate (FREE).

  • Always opt to be charged in the local currency. If you are in Europe use Euros, if you are in Thailand use Thai Bhat and so on. This will stop the bank charging you poor exchange rates.

  • Some ATM machines will try and charge you a fee to use the machine. To avoid this look for local banks to withdraw money rather than ATM’s set up for tourists. Avoid using Tavelex ATM’s as these often charge a exchange fee regardless.