Hecho en México | Artisan story | Soi 55

Our recycled plastic beach bags, totes and pouches have a fascinating story behind them – one that we are excited to share with you.

Our beach bags, totes and pouches, like many plastic baskets from this area of México, are handwoven by prisoners in the Oaxaca region. On joining the prison the inmates choose a job that enables them to make money to support their family. Many of the inmates choose to learn the traditional craft of plastic basket weaving.

The inmates spend many weeks perfecting their craft to eventually become ‘artisans’ of their trade. This type of basket weaving is unique to the Oaxaca region and thanks to the continued practice of this technique the traditional craft is kept alive. The prisoners take much pride in their work as it allows them to take control of their time, perfect their skill and make money independently. Thanks to an increasing demand for this type of basket the prisoners are able to choose how much they sell each item for and generally increase their prices each year. This ensures they remain in control and are paid fairly for their time and skill. We pair our artisans upfront for every single bag which means even if we don’t sell everything they still get paid.

Hecho en México | Artisan story | Soi 55  

We also work directly with the local community in the region who have a close relationship with the artisans in the prison. The community help the artisans earn continuously by marketing their crafts around the world. Needless to say we feel extremely honoured to be able to work with such a talented and inspiring community in México.

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